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International Acceditation

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Audencia Business School is amongst the 1% of business schools worldwide that hold all top international academic accreditation:


The EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) is a school accreditation system. It specializes in higher education institutions of management and business administration, run by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). As of February 2017, EQUIS has accredited 167 institutions in 41 countries around the world. The accreditation is awarded to business schools based on general quality

Since 1988:

Awarded the accreditation of EQUIS.


The Association of MBAs (AMBA) is a global organisation founded in 1967 which focuses primarily on international business school accreditation and membership. AMBA is one of the three main global accreditation bodies in business education (see Triple Accreditation) and styles itself as the world's impartial authority on postgraduate management education.

Since 2004:

Awarded the accreditation of AACSB.2004



It was regarded as the benchmark for business school quality among the academic community. AMBAs aims to promote and foster advanced education among master,  professional managers and other higher education background students.

Since 2005:

Awarded the accreditation of AMBA.

Program Background


DBA is a inevitable trend with the thirty years of China’s reforming and opening and the a decade of Business administration education developing, as well as a strategy choice that is prospective, creative and responsible for colleges and universities.

Shenzhen Audencia Business School’s DBA is a comprehensive and systematic business administration program that particularly designed for business leaders who have international view and thinking. This doctorate program focus on practical business, setting a academic framework and critical thinking as teaching criterion, featuring global horizon, pragmatism and strategy.

Study create thinking, thinking leads to innovating, and innovating contributes the future of an enterprise. This program will continuously promote the communications among teachers and students, help business managers with study methods, foster scientific system thinking for students to deal with business practice. We aim to transform the group leaders to practical managers that possess with academic theory and methodology skills, promoting the management concept and ability, attributing to the new-time business thinkers and leaders.

Project Features

The DBA at SABS is a high-end international business program based on rigorous and impactful academic research. It prepares business leaders to understand the complex and changing international economic, social and environmental context to define and implement innovative business models that combine financial performance with the principles of sustainable development.

Project Advantage 

Global horizon

This program will teach you how to generate resources in a global view from studying enterprise management model, business model and capital operation model’s aspects. Students could improve their management, pattern and capital skills from enjoying the environment of international elite school, China and France’s top management seminar and the chance to speak in elite school.

Management Practice

Business education aim to create value for industry field, and this system’s practical usage is this program’s feature. Case studying and practical workplace will through in all the program, it also contains the study of management thinking, emphasis on how students create the practical environment and understand it totally.

Innovation Strategy

This would help students solve some specific problems in management, pattern, capital and so on. Meanwhile, as spread the ideas, it emphasis the big picture, the importance to see from the future, how the innovation strategy influence the brand, marketing, finance and human resource of a company. It focus on the framework of tactic- strategy- skill.  

Research Path 

The first year:                                        

Focus on the academic basic of the students’ research direction

The second year:

Design the research program

The third to fifth year:

Implement the research program

Thesis proposal→ Literature review→ Empirical study →Thesis draft → Graduation thesis defenses

Teaching Arrangement 

The length of program

3 years(According to the study process of academic thesis, it could be maximized to 5 years.)

Teaching language

Chinese professors teach with Mandarin Chinese while international professors teach with English.

Teaching Schedule

Weekends may be occupied, it takes 3 or 4 days in every two months to have lessons, the lesson will be a curriculum or a seminar; it would have two workshops and a overseas course in a year.


Shenzhen University and Audencia Advanced Business School in France.

Teaching form

Small-size class, face to face teaching, practical workplace simulated, seminar and visiting. Meanwhile there will be all kinds of lectures, salons, seminars, academic discussion commit and so on.


Length of Schooling and Tuition 

Enrollment Fee

2000 RMB( Contain the fees of qualification examination, written examination and interview. Please pay all the fees when signing up, and this can’t be returned. )

Tuition Fee

368,000RMB( The tuition fee is an one-off payment: the fee contain teaching fee, material fee, books fee, translation material fee, thesis guiding fee, tea cake fee, student registration fee, management fee, certificate fee and so on. Students’ transportation fare and living expense are not included. )

Degree Awarding

After finishing the whole curriculum, passing the examination and doctoral dissertation defense, with the committing of degree evaluation committee, students could get the globally recognized degree of “ France Audencia Business Administration doctorate degree” and “ Shenzhen Audencia Business Administration curriculum graduation certificate”.

Submit the application form, materials and registration fees.

Examination and sifting

Having handed in all the material, please wait patiently for the examination of Shenzhen Audencia Business School, you will be informed to enter the test if you are qualified.


 Holding a master’s degree and over 10 years’ management working experience, which contains over 6 years’ advanced management experience.

Online registration

Please fill in the registration form and submit it directly below the course page

Application materials

-Chinese and English application form (English application form

-A study plan

-Two letters of recommendation (the person may be a top executive in a business or government department with a student or a professor at a university or other qualified scholar)

-2 copies of ID card (original)

-2 copies of the highest education certificate (original)

-Two inch white color photos 5

-"Company profile" (1 copies of brochures of the enterprise)

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