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《International marketing》
Release time:2017-02-28

COURSE NAME: 《International marketing》


CLASS TIME:  09/14/2017-10/24/2017


CLASS LOCATION:  Shenzhen University



This course aims to explore current challenges facing firms in international markets and examines the design and development of a range of strategies for managing effectively as firms internationalize.

Globalization involves interdependencies between customers, producers, suppliers and governments and comprises production, sales, distribution and service activities across many di(erent countries and cultures. Globalization of markets involves large multinational firms, but equally agile and innovative small and medium-sized companies striving to be global players.

E(ective internationalization involves complex international strategy development and the leverage of resources, capabilities and relationships across multiple markets.

The course prepares students to understand and cope with these complexities by examining and implementing marketing programmes adapted to the needs of different types of international company and their customers.



Having completed this course the student is expected to demonstrate:

An ability to analyse complex international marketing environments using appropriate techniques.

A critical and systematic understanding of the key theoretical approaches informing international marketing management.

An ability to critically evaluate options and then make recommendations for the development of international marketing strategies appropriate to different international markets using relevant theoretical frameworks.