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《Corporate finance》
Release time:2017-02-28

COURSE NAME: 《Corporate finance》


CLASS TIME:  09/11/2017-09/27/2017


CLASS LOCATION:  Shenzhen University



The course aims to gradually build an integrated and consistent structure that ties all of the firm’s financial decisions together. The course encourages students to think critically on core issues of corporate financial management; helps them understand critical and optimal decisionmaking; and, contributes to the development of managerial expertise skills on corporate finance. To attain these goals, the course is based on the following broad pillars: Financial Management and Value Creation; Investment Decisions; Financing Decisions; and, Business Decisions.



Students will:

gain a comprehensive overview of the major financial functions and processes of modern corporation operating in a global setting;

understand and become skilful in managerial decision-making with emphasis on corporate financial management;

be capable in determining the financial, economic and managerial resources to attain corporate strategic objectives;

increase the economic and social added value of the firm;

develop team working efficiency, financial analysis, presentation and reporting skills.