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《Management Law》-MBA
Release time:2018-11-27

COURSE NAME: 《Marketing Law》

CLASS TIME: 01/05-06/2019

CLASS LOCATION:  Shenzhen University


The second part of this course questions the role of law for managers. Is law a tool for the economy? Or an orientation for a common good, or at least a common interest? It must be noted that law in its ethical dimension is rarely presented as such to managers. Unknown to managers, the societal contribution of law is denied in managerial practice. As part of this course of law, I propose that you look at law in its non-instrumental reality, in its political and moral reality, a law consisting not only of rules and techniques but also of orientations which are useful for managers.


participants will have learned about the main principles of corporate law. They will have identified the main issues at the heart of contract law, economic law, company law and labor law. They will have understood the value of a reflexive attitude in the relationship to law that can be a constraint, a tool or a benchmark for action.