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《Human Resources Management》-MBA
Release time:2018-11-12

COURSE NAME: 《Human Resources Management》

CLASS TIME: 12/08-09/2018;12/15/2018

CLASS LOCATION:  Shenzhen University


This course shows the strategic importance of the "human factor" today and the responsibility of each person in his development.

It proposes analysis and reflection tools to allow participants to take a step back on the human resource management situations that they encounter and to better understand the issues at stake.


1st part :

• Provide participants with a critical understanding of the HRM and its evolution

• Sensitize the participants with the contexts, characteristics and problems of HR, as manager

• Present the main evolution and current issues of HRM

• Describe the main tools and functions and their applications

2nd part :

• Understand the main sociological developments

• Understand the strategic dimension of HR

• Define the key concepts of human resources management

• Apply HR tools to recruit, motivate, and retain employees

• Contribute as a manager to the overall performance of the company