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《Marketing Principles》-MBA
Release time:2018-12-07

COURSE NAME: 《Marketing Principles》

CLASS TIME: 2019/01/19-20;2019/01/26

CLASS LOCATION:  Shenzhen University


LG 02 Understand company and its complex environment

LG 05 Leverage technical and practical skills

LG 08 Identify and leverage opportunities

LG 09 Forecast economic, social, and environmental impacts of a decision

LG 10 Assess risks and implication of decisions

LG 11 Define and propose strategic choices

LG 15 Implement academic and professional knowledge

LG 28 Bring change and innovation within the company

LG 30 Develop skills for your own experience and those of others


• Marketing, as a business area, is regarded as central to firms’ success. It is an essential yet equally challenging organizational process, which requires constant innovation and an evolving set of managerial competences focused on value creation, translating value into viable product propositions and their successful communication and commercialization in the market place.

• The course will draw on contemporary marketing principles, models and practices. On completing the course students will be able to:

• Reflect on the nature marketing as a management process and organizational function

• Understand the practice of marketing in terms of strategy, planning and implementation and apply these to various business contexts

• Be able to undertake in a professional manner a coherent and in-depth market analyses for subsequent marketing planning and decision making

• Be able to analyze real-life case studies, working effectively in teams