Council Meeting
Council Meeting

As the highest decision-making organization, the Council Meeting is mainly in charge of formulating the development plan, management regulation, financial budget and appointment of top management staff of the school. The Council Meeting is planned to be composed of representatives of Shenzhen University and those ofAudencia Business School. The work of theCouncil Meetingis chaired by chairman and two regular meeting are held yearly.

The major work of the directors in the 1stsession is to prepare to build Business School and the Council Meeting is the institution in charge of preparation. The council members in the 1stsession of Shenzhen Audencia Business School are as follows:

Council Members from the Chinese Side:

(1)Li Qingquan (chairman), President of Shenzhen University

(2)Zhang Kai, Professor from School of Economics under Shenzhen University

(3)Tian Jie, Vice-Director of the Office of Human Resources under Shenzhen University

(4)Peng Xiaogang, Vice-Director of the Office of International Affair under Shenzhen University

(5)Ming Haiyan (deputy secretary general), Director of Office of Academic Planning and Development under Shenzhen University

Council Members from the French Side:


Emeric PEYREDIEU DU CHARLAT, Dean of Audencia Business School

(2)Christophe GERMAIN

Christophe GERMAIN, Vice-Dean of Audencia Business School

(3)André Sobczak

André Sobczak, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research


Desi SCHMITT, Director of Office of International Relations under Audencia Business School

(5)Shi Donghui (secretary general), Director of China Development for Audencia Business School


Qiao Huifen, Vice-Director of the Finance Office under Shenzhen University

The Secretariat: the Secretariat of the Council is the standing administrative office of the Council, responsible for managing routine matters of the Council; Donghui Shi takes the adjunct position of the Secretary General, while Haiyan Ming takes the adjunct position of the deputy Secretary General.