Jie Shen
Release time:2017-02-28

Human Resource Professor in Shenzhen Audencia Business School. Prof. Jie Shen was appointed as Professor or Associate Professor in several world famous universities such as University of South Australia, Monash University and Curtin University. Also, he worked as a Visiting Professor in some famous domestic universities such as University Of Science and Technology of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Southwest Jiaotong University. Prof. Jie Shen has rich teaching and research experience in Human Resource Management, International Business Management, Organization Behavior and Industry Relationship Research. He was awarded the outstanding teaching and research honor issued by University of South Australia. Prof. Jie Shen is also the member of editorial board of several world famous academic journals, such as Journal of Organizational Transformation and Social Change, International HR Issues. He has published many academic works and 7 monographs