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2017 Meeting of First Scientific Research to declare work Has Been hold in Shenzhen Audencia Business School
Release time:2017-03-23

   On 17th February, 2017, the meeting of first scientific research to declare work has been hold in Shenzhen Audencia Business School. Director Ming Haiyan from Discipline construction and development office, Shenzhen University, Professor Zhangkai from Economics School, Shenzhen University, associate professor and director of human resource Jiang Jianwu from Management School, Shenzhen University, Scientific secretary and teacher  Zhang Jiefeng from Technology department, Shenzhen University, Scientific secretary and teacher Jinlei from Economics School, Shenzhen University as well as the teachers from Shenzhen Audencia Business School that participated the declare work attended this meeting, sum to 14 people.

  The meeting began with scientific secretary Zhang Jiefeng’s detailed analysis about the process of declaring The national natural science foundation of China, then professor Valdo and professor Nina introduced the recent cases of  worldwide Youth project application, next, professor Jiang Jianwu shared his experience about project declaration.

  In the end, the teachers performed a tutoring for the project declaration of Shenzhen Audencia Business School.

  The purpose for this meeting is to emphasize the importance of scientific project declaration work, and to be sure the matters that need attention among the project declaration. Also, regular the process of scientific declaration of SABS to improve the scientific level of the whole school.

  Founded on 29th September,2016, Shenzhen Audencia Business School is a cooperative project of Shenzhen University and France Advanced Business School that set Shenzhen as its characteristic and use international elite business schools’ standard to teach. In a half year that the school has been founded, there had declared three national natural science funds that succeed two of them, and the project “Bank Lending Environment and Financing Constraints” of assistant professor Vladimir Kysucky has awarded The foreign research foundation for young scholars, which is the first that our school’s student to acquire this project subsidized, has a breakthrough meaning and an important step for international academic construction.