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Congratulation to 2018 MBA and MSc opening ceremonyof Shenzhen Audencia Business School
Release time:2018-09-21

  The 2018 MBA and MScopening ceremony of Shenzhen Audencia Business School was successfully held on the morning of September 8 and 10, 2018 in the No. 4 classroom of Shenzhen Audencia Business School on the first floor of Science and Technology Building in Shenzhen University. The opening ceremony was attended by Dean KaiZhang of Shenzhen Audencia Business School, Dean Christopher Germain, and Ms. Desi Schmitt, Director of International Affairs, Audencia Business School of France. In addition, there were excellent faculty members and 2018 MBA and MSc freshmen. Everyone witnessed the opening ceremony of the 2018 MBA and MSc of Shenzhen Audencia Business School.

  First of all, the leaders of the two institutions addressed each other and expressed their expectations and expectations for Shenzhen Audencia Business School. At the same time, they sent the MBA and MSc freshmen to work hard and learn. DeanKaiZhang and Dean Christopher Germain said that we are working hard to build a world-class elite research business school with high academic level and international influence to provide advanced international courses for senior managers, professionals, graduate students and undergraduates. Become a gathering place for business and management elites.

  Ms. Desi Schmitt, Director of International Affairs at the AudenciaBusinessSchool of France, stressed that Shenzhen Audencia Business School is an international research business school based on Shenzhen and established by Shenzhen University in cooperation with the Audencia Business School of France. Shenzhen Business School will rely on Shenzhen, To provide an innovative research platform for Chinese, European and international experts.

  In recent years, the construction of teachers and students in Shenzhen Audencia Business School has been growing. In order to continuously improve the teaching and research level of business schools, it has provided students with more opportunities for corporate learning and exchange, and trained applied management talents. Shenzhen Audencia Business School has hired well-known entrepreneurs at home and abroad as well as experts and scholars with rich teaching and research experience as business school industry mentors. After the continuous construction and improvement of business schools, there are currently elites from the fields of finance, software communications, new materials, education consulting, real estate logistics, and government services. The team of industry mentors is constantly developing.

  During the ceremony, Associate Professor Nina, director of the MBA program, introduced the MBA's teaching philosophy, faculty strength, and curriculum setting. As a cooperative project between Shenzhen University and Audencia Business School of France, the MBA aims to cultivate and stimulate the personal ability and innovative thinking of corporate leaders. The course combines the most advanced management concepts and business models in the world to provide senior managers with higher education opportunities that are in line with international standards.The latest business model theory, management expertise, actual company operations, and lectures by academics and entrepreneurs who are well-known in the industry will enable students to better face global business challenges and seize contemporary market opportunities. In the future, the MBA will deeply analyze the global business environment today and provide students with a theoretical support and practice platform for further development and innovation transformation.

  Teacher Li Lin, Director of MSc Project, introduced MSc's school philosophy, curriculum settings, and project features. The MSc full-time master's program is an international master's program designed by Shenzhen University and Audencia Business School of France for outstanding undergraduate graduates. It adopts an all-English teaching format to cultivate complete international management knowledge and management skills.Shenzhen Audencia Business School is dedicated to providing students with international elite education. Students will study at Shenzhen University and Audencia Business School of France to broaden their international perspective and respond to the needs of the era of globalization.

  Afterwards, all the teachers of the Shenzhen Audencia Business School took office in succession, met with the freshmen and spoke. The teachers shared their research directions and practice experiences with everyone. The representatives of the old and new students also made speeches.

  Finally, all the leaders, teachers and students were photographed and the ceremony ended with applause. All the teachers and students went to the hall on the first floor of the college for free communication.

【Dean Kai Zhang】

【Dean Christopher Germain】

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